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Tue 23rd Oct '12

A Tribute - Marco Simoncelli: 58 Forever

Motogp News

Remembering Marco Simoncelli's short-lived but vivid career in MotoGP...

It's a year since we lost Marco Simoncelli at Sepang - his death shocked the world.


His full potential will always remain unrealised but - looking back at his career and rapid rise to the sharp-end of MotoGP - it's clear we were just starting to see what he was really capable of. Despite his loss, I feel that we were so lucky to witness such a fantastic talent, even if only briefly.

We've put together images - in no particular order - to celebrate the life of the fun-loving, inspirational racer who was the reason millions were glued to their TV sets on a Sunday. He wore his heart on his sleeve, always gave ten-tenths and didn't seem to care about what you had done, just what you could do on the day.


Marco Simoncelli: 58 Forever.