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Wed 01st Aug '12

Stoner: 'I do not give up so easily'

Motogp News

Stoner in confident form despite being 32-points adrift of Lorenzo


Stoner has talked about that Sachsenring crash and his title hopes in a recent interview.

Talking about the Sachsenring race, where he crashed out of second place on the last lap at the second to last corner, Stoner said:

"To be honest, I was very happy with the position that I was in. I was planning my attack for the last corner, where I was much better at braking than Dani, with much more confidence, and when I released the brake a little early on the previous corner to go easy on the tyre, I think I was too soft and didn't load the front enough. I crashed and I was very surprised about that, because I was very confident about overtaking. In the end, I messed up our championship in that one moment. It wasn't the best way to finish off a weekend."

When asked if the crash and his result in Italy had lead people to write off his chances of another championship, he said: "They always do, even last year. When we were not ahead in the championship, they forgot about us. Every year I have a couple of bad races and people forget too quickly. You must remember what we do, that I'm World Champion and I do not give up so easily."



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