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Fri 18th May '12

2013 Off-Road KTMs revealed

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KTM has launched its 2013 range of motocross, enduro and mini bikes making it the first of the big manufacturers to draw in the annual new model specifications shootout.


So, what's new? Well, let's break it down to each model range and pick out the highlights.


1: SX range


The firm's SX motocross machines have been revamped, with a totally new engines for the four-stroke 250SX-F and 450 SX-F and modifications for the 350 SX-F motor. All the SX-F models from the 125 to the 450 get identical new bodywork and a new swingarm, while four-strokes get new frames to accompany their new and updated motors. All models get revised suspension settings and changes to the bars and triple clamps.


2: EXC range


While the SX models are largely new, the changes to the EXC enduro models are much harder to spot. When "newly developed fork oil" is high on the list of modifications, you know you're not looking at anything revolutionary. Other changes include a rear master cylinder with revised internal design (ooooh!) and new dual-compound handlebar grips...


3: Mini bikes


KTM's mini bikes ("Sportminicycles" in KTM-speak) are one of the cornerstone's of the firm's business, so despite their size they're taken very seriously. For 2013, the 85 SX gets a thorough going-over, with new bodywork, a new chassis, reworked suspension and a revised engine with a new head, crankshaft and con-rod.



All photos: KTM/Mitterbauer H.

Article by visordown news