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Wed 26th Mar '14

D-Air wireless airbag jackets - Ducati and Dainese

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D-Air jackets that inflate when a rider comes off a Ducati motorbike are not new, but ones that are wirelessly controlled by the bike are a world first.

The latest airbag jacket, from motorbike manufacturer Ducati and riding gear specialist Dainese, is intelligently controlled by the bike. When a rider is in a crash or fall the bike will detect this and wirelessly inflate the airbag in the jacket protecting the rider's entire torso and neck. Current systems require a cord to be pulled which isn't ideal if rider and bike remain together in a collision.


Ducati say: ‘the intelligent passive safety system uses sensors built into the Multistrada’s existing electronics to constantly understand the vehicle’s dynamic situation and deploying only when subjected to a genuine accident scenario.’


The airbag jackets will inflate in 45-milliseconds after being triggered by the bike. The motorcycle controls both the rider and pillion airbags to offer protection in most collision situations.

The special D-Air edition will work with the Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycle but is going to be European only at launch. More details on the project are due to be revealed by Ducatti on 15 April for a release in May.