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Fri 10th May '13

Barbera arrested for assault of girlfriend

Motogp News

Spanish MotoGP rider arrested after battering girlfriend

MOTOGP rider Hector Barbera has been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

The Spanish rider, who races a CRT bike for the Avintia Racing team, stayed in Jerez after the last GP for a few days with his girlfriend. Allegedly the couple had a row and came to blows. His girlfriend was admitted to hospital following the assault.

Barbera's girlfriend suffered brusing to the face and spent the night in hospital but has been discharged.


However, Barbera released a statement on his Facebook page saying:

'In relation to the arrest of Hector Barbera.

In the present day there has been a complaint about the person of Hector Barbera. The allegations and the information published thereon are untrue. Hector has been made ​​available to the relevant authorities to determine the facts. As developments occur they will expand information.'


Receiving a lightning-speed trial, both Barbera and his twenty-three-year-old girlfriend were found guilty of assault and battery against each other, with Hector being sentence to six months in jail, and his girlfriend receiving five months of jail time. The sentences can likely be commuted to community service time, according to the Spanish media.


With just less than a week until the start of the French GP, it is not clear at this time what Barbera’s sentencing will mean for the Spaniard’s participation at Le Mans. However, we do know that the incident surely isn’t going to help his reputation in the MotoGP paddock, and we can only guess as to the ramifications it could have with his and the team’s sponsors.